Worried your business might not handle a crisis? Let me help!

I have a passion for finding solutions to problems. At the same time, I believe people running businesses already know, how to do crisis management for their organizations. All they need is a framework to use. I love being able to help others realize, that with the right approach and proper tools they can make their businesses crisis proof by themselves.

My podcast (in Polish)

Będzie Kryzys – podcast about Crisis Management

In the podcast, I talk about organizational Crisis Management. But there’s more! Often times I speak about project crisis management, case studies, etc. If you understand Polish – have a listen.

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Making your business crisis proof requires a certain mindset

The best way to deal with crises is to avoid them altogether. If you build your crisis management strategy based on this assumption, you’re already halfway to success. And this is what you should focus on, and it’s what my framework focuses on. Still, any organization has to have a capability to react, respond to, and recover from crises as not all crises can be avoided.

Crisis management requires simplicity. In the heat of a crisis, there’s no time to review long and complex documents. Your plan should be based on simple checklists, forms and guides.

I can help you:

  1. Evaluate, identify, and respond to a wide range of crises, including operational, communications, and safety issues.
  2. Develop crisis management strategies, policies, procedures, and contingency plans.
  3. Design, develop, and implement crisis plans, focusing on crisis avoidance, response, and recovery.
  4. Support executive or board-level leadership.
  5. Design, develop, and conduct crisis management exercises.
  6. Develop crisis communications plans.
  7. Collaborate with public relations agencies, legal advisors, and human resources in the implementation of a crisis plan.
  8. Improve your company’s overall crisis readiness.

You know your organization, I know crisis management. Together, we can look at it and see the big picture. At the end of our collaboration, you will be able to do all this yourself, if you choose to.

See how I can help you make your business crisis proof