Be practical about crisis management

What is a crisis? When should you act? How to act? Who should be involved? There are so many questions regarding crisis management that need answering that it may become overwhelming. The reality is that learning from scratch can take a long time. But there is an easier way, you can address your crisis management need while learning from my experience.

I’ve worked with, and I’ve been through the whole 6 steps. It’s remarkable. It’s like getting to see the blueprint of my business all over again. I get to see how I’ve created the most resilient version of my business. My employees, clients and partners know that I’ll do anything I can to ensure their success. And that’s just what I do. I’ve built a company that can weather anything. I am confident that you will too.

– Name, Company

My Services

Crisis Assessment

Reviewing your operational and organizational risks, to identify key processes and find critical gaps. From an operational risk perspective, we assess your resources, expertise, facilities, and equipment. From an organizational perspective, I assess competencies, ownership, accountability, and documentation.

Crisis Planning

Review existing documentation in place (policy, strategy, procedures, response plans, performance standards, key role guides, aides memoir, bridging documents) and update based on good practice standards. Define roles, responsibilities and organizational structure. Develop an action plan to bridge potential management gaps.

Crisis Exercises

Design and delivery of role-specific team training. Deliver exercises verifying competence and building confidence. Interactive workshops that immerse your team in simulated crisis scenarios to help exercise and evaluate an organization’s response effectiveness and preparedness.

Crisis Management

Six-step process to cover all the crisis management needs your business has. Starting from strategy, going through discovery and identification process, to assessing and planning for any crisis. This service also includes development of exercises as well as an improvement process.

I used to create my crisis management plan, and I am now confident that my business will weather any storm. I cannot tell you how important this document is to me. It gives me the ability to be calm and focused on the event of a crisis, and it makes me feel that I am doing everything possible to prevent the crisis from happening. It was also a learning experience, it changed my mindset about crises.

– Name, Company

I’ve been using this framework for the last 3 months. It’s very well-structured and organized. I have had several small crises in my business. The framework has been invaluable in identifying what the key elements of my business are and what the threats are to those elements. It also has helped me to work with a crisis and then to make plans to recover. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make their business more resilient.

– Name, Company