Crisis Management for Small and Medium Businesses

Build yours in 12 weeks, a few hours per week.

Build a crisis management strategy

Build a solid strategy (and plan) before it’s too late so that your business can get through any crisis. Monitor and assess the situation quickly and effectively, by building a crisis management framework.

Keep your business up and running during a crisis

From a public relations disaster to cybersecurity breaches, it’s important to be prepared for any worst-case scenario for your business. Your business needs to be resilient for your customers.

Practice in real-world scenarios

Educate your crisis management team on the plan. Face a simulated crisis in a controlled environment with other businesses. Conduct exercises to minimize the impact of an actual crisis on your business.

Is your business prepared for a crisis?

Managing a business crisis can be your worst nightmare. You may feel powerless, having no control, and that you can hardly do anything. It’s better to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Kamil can look at things from the right perspective, quickly make the right decisions or lead the team to a solution. I really appreciate the fact that he is both objective and—when necessary—authoritarian.

– Joanna Skutkiewicz, Freelancer


Crisis Assessment

Assessment of your businesses’ current crisis management capability.

Crisis Planning

Crisis planning focusing on prevention, response, and recovery.

Crisis Exercises

Plan and execute crisis management exercises for your team.

Crisis Management

Six step process to cover all the crisis management needs your business has.